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Dental Staffing for Colorado offices
  •  It is a win/win situation for you!

  • Our services are 100% free to you

  • We call, text, and e-mail when permanent and temporary jobs are available

  • We work around your schedule

  • Try out offices without commitment

  • We notify you of any upcoming jobs opportunities

  • Appropriate certifications, licenses and degrees.

  • Strong work ethic

  • Punctuality is a must

  • Professional appearance

  • Background Check

  • Picture ID

  • Pick up extra shifts and make extra $ on your days off

  • Explore other job opportunities without the commitment

  • Gain experience working with different dentists and increase your networking

  • Be hired for an additional part time position to acquire full time hours- especially since full time positions can be challenging to find!

  • If you are currently working full time, consider working with Colorado Dental Temps to pick up extra shifts and $

  • Experience working with Specialties

  • Gain more time to devote to yourself

  • Experience a new city

  • Build your resume

Recent Graduates
  • Gain important field experience

  • Build your resume

  •  explore the many types of practices, you can gain expertise in diversified specialties

  •  Network and establish your name in the dental community

  •  Search for full time employment

Experienced Dental  Professionals